Rett Syndrome

Rett Syndrome is a debilitating neuro-developmental disorder that affects approximately 1 in every 10 to 25 thousand girls. It can affect boys but this is extremely rare and unfortunately in most instances they don’t usually survive to term.

Rett South Africa

Rett South Africa was founded in 2012, in Cape Town South Africa by Estelle Nabal (mother of Abigail). She ran the organization with a group of like-minded parents with a passion for raising awareness about Rett Syndrome. Estelle has since immigrated and the organization is now being run by Kerry Craukamp (mother of Abigail) and Dionne Snyders (mother of Hannah).  

Our Mission

To raise awareness of Rett Syndrome in South Africa to ensure early diagnosis and better medical care. It was found that a small minority of doctors and people in general were aware of Rett Syndrome. We believe that in South Africa there are hundreds of undiagnosed Rett girls, simply because they do not have the means to proper healthcare and many health practitioners are simply unaware of the condition and misdiagnoses are often times made.
To create a support system for families affected by Rett Syndrome. Many Rett families have learned valuable lessons about the condition. Rett South Africa has created a platform to share this information with others, to support the girls, each other and improve the lives of all.
Through its goals, the organisation attempts to improve the lives of Rett girls and the lives of their families. In order to achieve this, funding is required to drive the organisation toward its stated vision.

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